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Weird Superstitions In Poker

Although Poker is indeed a skill game, you can turn down how many opportunities to play. Because of the random nature of some Poker, many players, even famous ones, cling to some funny superstitions. From lucky chip stackers to choosing specific seats at the table, there’s no shortage of rituals and lucky jewelry in the taste, even in online poker.

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Let’s look at some of the most iconic superstitions.

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Famous Lucky Card Protector

By far the most common superstition, or lucky charm, in poker is the “lucky card protector.”

Having a card protector is not always a sign of superstition: some people feel more confident having traction with them, which is usually good for their mentality at the table. Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson, a poker legend, uses a little Ghostbusters medallion.

This lucky card protector clearly does not add any cards except superstitions.

Funky Chip Stacking – Superstition Chip Stacking

Every player at the poker table plays games or shakes their chips. It’s a cataract and fun thing to do.

Whether players roll the chips on their fingers, pile them up and re-insert them with one hand on the table, the air is always on with the click of a stacked chip. It’s safe to say that poker players like to play with their piles of chips, and some of them need them to look a certain way if they want them to be lucky.

Online poker players are easy, because the software piles up and displays your chips automatically, but it won’t surprise anyone if most players who take part in online poker tournaments have a pile of lucky chips that are useful to play while they’re playing, and give them the bit of luck they need to suck up when the bluff gets worse.

Bizzare Poker Rituals For Superstition

When it comes to superstitions, rituals, traditions, or behaviors exhibited by these players is little more than just wearing a lucky white hoodie for a week in a row.

Most poker professionals have their own little rituals and behaviors that they believe bring the luck they need, even when playing poker games online. Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu, a six-time WSOP bracelet winner and two-time WPT (World Poker Tour) champion watched Rocky’s film before sitting in the game, even when he played in an online poker competition.

Although Negreanu is not comparable to Rocky Balboa, and likely not very useful in the fight, the opponent is still intimidated by him at the table. The success of his career, and the huge lifetime poker championship wins he earned not all can be improved with his skills at the table, can it?

Superstition will always win.

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