TSG Hoffenheim vs RB Leipzig

At 12:30 am on 13 June 2020, Kuala Lumpur time zone, Hoffenheim will play against the Leipzig Red Bull at the Rheineika Arena. The current results of the Hoffenheim are actually okay. However, the head coach has recently been fired because of disagreements.

Interpretation of fundamentals

According to information from News Agency, the Hoffenheim League is due to different opinions on the future development plan of the team. After the consultation, the cooperation with the head coach was terminated early. The final 4 rounds of the league will consist of 3 assistant coaches and 2 club echelon coaches. guide. ——Will all golfers be surprised by such news? You should know that Hoffenheim has left the young coach Nagelsmann this season and occupied Leipzig.

The powerful features are suddenly gone, but from a comprehensive perspective, Hoffenheim is currently ranked first in the standings. 7 positions, still able to compete for a place in the European War zone, and behind them, there are many Hertha Berlin, above and Schalke 04 such a larger club.

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So sincerely say, Hoffenheim’s The head coach actually does a good job, depending on the faint move at this time. It is difficult for us to predict how much impact it will have on the team, but on the surface, it will definitely not bring positive factors.

Leipzig, under Nagelsman’s command, has always been in the top three in the standings. At the beginning of the season, the momentum of the championship was played, but the young head coach and young team, in the league and the Champions League, can not be seen in general. Whether it’s Leipzig’s team or Nagelsman’s young coach, the positive reviews this season are definitely positive. Although Leipzig’s recent record is not as good as the red, the stable style of winning is very suitable for this young team. It is scored with another “less promising” Leverkusen. Leipzig’s average ball prediction Ability is beyond doubt.

Ideas about TSG Hoffenheim vs RB Leipzig  from AFBCash Sports

The agency designated the first Leipzig player to give 1 goal to the game, and the market outlook increased to a 1.25 handicap. Hoffenheim’s home goal drop rate is high. The goal has been conceded in nearly 10 home games.

In the face of the top 5 strong teams in the standings, they repulsed Dortmund and Leverkusen with a score of 2-1. From the live data, it is obvious that the advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Hoffenheim’s addiction to the ball is not at this moment. The problem is that when Nagelsman coached before, Hoffenheim was a team that attacked lightly. Leipzig wants to challenge the game with a goal difference of two goals.

We believe that the odds are still quite high, first because their head coach knows the “predecessor” of Hoffenheim; then the head star Werner is in good shape, and Leipzig also has a lot of flowering. Ability; Hoffenheim can break up with the head coach, casting a shadow on the team’s play. Combining factors and factors, Leipzig is naturally the first choice in this battle.

Handicap:  (2.78 3.85 1.89)

Index Reference: Leipzig -1.25

Scoreline prediction: Hoffenheim 2 – 3 RB Leipzig

Over: 3.5 goals

The above data ends at 10:40 on June 12.

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