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Euro 2020 will be the 16th edition of the European Football Championships, with Portugal looking to retain their France-winning title in 2016. The event runs from June 12, 2019, to July 12, 2019.

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It looks like an open championship without a team that stands out as a standout, but maybe 10 or more potential winners.

France entered the tournament as their favourite, but with the finals and semi-finals played at Wembley Stadium, the young England team under the guidance of experienced Gareth Southgate had a good chance.

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UEFA EURO 2020 Match Schedule: All The Fixtures

UEFA EURO 2020 Play-off Group Stage

Four nations can still secure their place at UEFA EURO 2020 via the play-offs which take place in March 2020.

The winner of each playoff path is listed on the match schedule below as follows:

  • Play-off Winner A (Po A): Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary
  • Play-off Winner B (Po B): Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Slovakia or Republic of Ireland
  • Play-off Winner C (Po C): Scotland, Israel, Norway or Serbia
  • Play-off Winner D (Po D): Georgia, Belarus, North Macedonia, Kosovo

UEFA EURO 2020 Fixtures Schedule

Group Stage – Matchday 1 of 3

Saturday 13th June
Group Match Kick-Off
A Turkey v Italy 3:00 AM
A Wales v Switzerland 9:00 PM
Sunday 14th June
Group Match Kick-Off
B Denmark v Finland 12:00 AM
B Belgium v Russia 3:00 AM
D England v Croatia 9:00 PM
Monday 15th June
Group Match Kick-Off
C Austria v TBD 12:00 AM
C Netherlands v Ukraine 3:00 AM
D TBD v Czech Republic 9:00 PM
Tuesday 16th June
Group Match Kick-Off
E Poland v TBD 12:00 AM
E Spain v Sweden 3:00 AM
Wednesday 17th June
Group Match Kick-Off
F Play-off winner A or D v Portugal 12:00 AM
F France v Germany 3:00 AM
B Finland v Russia 9:00 PM

Group Stage – Matchday 2 of 3

Thursday 18th June
Group Match Kick-Off
A Turkey v Wales 12:00 AM
A Italy v Switzerland 3:00 AM
C Ukraine v TBD 9:00 PM
Friday 19th June
Group Match Kick-Off
B Denmark v Belgium 12:00 AM
C Netherlands v Austria 3:00 AM
E Sweden v TBD 9:00 PM
Saturday 20th June
Group Match Kick-Off
D Croatia v Czech Republic 12:00 AM
D England v TBD 3:00 AM
F Play-off winner A or D v France 9:00 PM
Sunday 21st June
Group Match Kick-Off
F Portugal v Germany 12:00 AM
E Spain v Poland 3:00 AM


Group Stage – Matchday 3 of 3

Monday 22nd June
Group Match Kick-Off
A Italy v Wales 12:00 AM
A Switzerland v Turkey 3:00 AM
Tuesday 23rd June
Group Match Kick-Off
C TBD v the Netherlands 12:00 AM
C Ukraine v Austria 12:00 AM
B Russia v Denmark 3:00 AM
B Finland v Belgium 9:00 PM
Wednesday 24th June
Group Match Kick-Off
D Czech Republic v England 3:00 AM
D Croatia v TBD 3:00 AM
Thursday 25th June
Group Match Kick-Off
E TBD v Spain 12:00 AM
E Sweden v Poland 12:00 AM
F Germany v Play-off winner A or D 3:00 AM
F Portugal v France 3:00 AM


Round of 16

Saturday 27th June
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 37 Group A winner v Group C runner-up 12:00 AM
Match 38 Group A runner-up v Group B runner-up 3:00 AM
Sunday 28th June
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 39 Group B winner v Group A/D/E/F third place 12:00 AM
Match 40 Group C winner v Group 3D/E/F third place 3:00 AM
Monday 29th June
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 41 Group F winner v Group A/B/C third place 12:00 AM
Match 42 Group D runner-up v Group E runner-up 3:00 AM
Tuesday 30th June
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 43 Group E winner v Group A/B/C/D third place 12:00 AM
Match 44 Group D winner v Group F runner-up 3:00 AM



Saturday 4th July
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 45 Winner of Match 41 v Winner of match 42 12:00 AM
Match 46 Winner of Match 39 v Winner of match 37 3:00 AM
Sunday 5th July
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 47 Winner of Match 40 v Winner of match 38 12:00 AM
Match 48 Winner of Match 43 v Winner of match 44 3:00 AM



Wednesday 8th July
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 49 Winner of Match 45 v Winner of match 46 12:00 AM
Thursday 9th July
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 50 Winner of Match 48 v Winner of match 47 12:00 AM



Sunday 13th July
Group Match Kick-Off
Match 51 Winner of Match 49 v Winner of match 50 12:00 AM


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