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English Premier League –
EPL Inplay Football Predictions

Crystal Palace vs Southampton Crystal Palace to Win -0.00 @ -0.93 UNDER 2.25 @ 0.93
Aston Villa vs Watford Aston Villa to Win -0.00 @ -0.83 UNDER 2.75 @ -0.93
Bournemouth AFC vs Brighton & Hove Albion Bournemouth AFC to Win -0.00 @ -0.92 UNDER 2.50 @ 0.92
Everton vs Newcastle United Everton to Win -1.00 @ 0.97 OVER 2.50 @ 0.87
Sheffield United vs Manchester City Manchester City to Win -1.25 @ 0.92 OVER 3.00 @ 0.89
Chelsea vs Arsenal Chelsea to Win -0.75 @ 1 OVER 3.00 @ -0.93
Leicester City vs West Ham United Leicester City to Win -1.00 @ 0.94 OVER 2.75 @ 0.86
Tottenham Hotspur vs Norwich City Tottenham Hotspur to Win -1.25 @ 0.95 OVER 3.00 @ 0.90
Manchester United vs Burnley Manchester United to Win -1.25 @ 0.98 OVER 2.75 @ -0.96
Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Liverpool Liverpool to Win -1.00 @ -0.91 OVER 2.75 @ 0.84



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