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How to Bet on Football: A Guide To Soccer Gambling

soccer gambling


We have observed that football betting has been becoming an international phenomenon. Local bookmakers (brick and mortar) are found on almost every street corner around the world, online betting sites are becoming increasingly popular, and almost all of us know someone who once hit a big jackpot after betting on their favorite team.

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So, is soccer gambling easy? Winning a satisfactory amount of money is quite challenging. Or maybe the question has changed a little… Can you earn a steady and regular income from soccer gambling?

How to choose a good online soccer gambling site?

After understanding how to place a bet and knowing what you want to bet on, you will face the tough task of choosing a partner that will give you the games, odds, and odds to win. Choosing the best online soccer gambling site to place your bets is not an easy task, but there are a few things you should consider.

First of all, try opening your first account with a reputable online soccer gambling site, not a local bookie. These sites usually have millions of customers who have won and also lose money on a regular basis. They definitely have good customer support, good deals and are also beginner friendly like you.

Next, you should carefully see what kind of bonuses this soccer gambling site offers you. Most betting agencies have promotions such as sign-up bonuses or deposit bonuses, can be as large as 200% of your initial deposit. What a mean thing to start your betting career with double the money you want to invest, right? Also, take a look at what free bets they have, their bidding habits or what other exclusive betting offers they have, such as greater odds or cash prizes.

Last but not least, there are a few more important things that should grab your attention. Compare the opportunities they offer to the competition, and see how they are organized. Are their chances in line with the competition? Are they significantly smaller? You definitely want the best odds for your money, and your online soccer gambling site will help you here. Also, if you want to use cash for your bets, look for online soccer gambling sites that offer these possibilities – not many of them do.

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How to bet on football matches

Soccer gambling is basically quite easy. You can go to a local bookie or open its website, look for games that you can predict the outcome of, and check the odds provided by the bookie. If you are confident in the odds, place your bet, go home, watch the game and then go and collect your winnings. If you want to know all of those betting terms, we create a small dictionary:

Wager = also called stake, is the amount of money you bet on each given slip bet.

Betting slip = can contain one or more bets. If it contains more bets, the odds can be played as a single or as an accumulator.

Odds = your bookie’s money used to pay you for every bet you bet and win. These odds can be presented in decimal format (1.50), fraction (1/2) or American format (-100). All three number formats have the same meaning.

The most common presentation format is the decimal format, which has the following meaning: If you bet USD 10 at 1.50 odds, you win 10 * 1.50 = USD 15. If you withdraw your initial bet, you make a profit of USD 5.

Accumulator = If you have more than one bet on your betting slip, you have the possibility of accumulating the odds, both with simple multiplication (1 x 2 bet odds 2 x 3… etc.) or by using the system.

HT/FT = Halftime/full-time (short for Half Time/Full Time)

DNB = Draw No Bet. If you place a DNB bet and the game ends in a draw, you get your money back.

Free bets = Bonuses from your betting site – if you lose this bet, you will get your bet back.

Cashout = The possibility of closing the bet before the end of the game. For example, you bet that Real Madrid won against Barcelona and Real led 2-1 in the 75th minute. If you have the option to cashout, you can withdraw from betting, become a winner and win a fraction of the total prize.

Over/Under = In football betting, “over” a certain number means “more than”, while “under” means “less than/less of”.

This is the part of the jargon you need to get used to the world of soccer gambling.

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